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HcareJobs specializes in connecting quality job candidates exclusively with health industry careers. Unlike other websites which show all categories of jobs, HcareJobs focuses solely on the highly specialized health care field.

Hiring the Right People for Healthcare Jobs: Tougher than Hiring at Google

Those medical assistants, doctors, registered nurses, hospital administrators, healthcare aides, nursing-home practical nurses, and radiology techs usually are needed immediately. Thatís exactly why hiring the right fits for healthcare jobs is tougher than bringing people onboard at Google.

At Google, itís a best practice not to rush recruiting. Annually Google receives about three million applications for jobs. In the end, it hires only about 0.2% of those applicants. This approach is one which a growing number of organizations are adopting.

Thatís because organizations cannot ďaffordĒ a wrong hire. The Labor Department estimates that mistake can cost about one-third of the new hireís salary. Cost of bad hiring decisions In addition, there are the possible indirect costs of lost sales, poor customer service, plummeting employee morale, and litigation or arbitration.

10 signs youve hired the wrong person

The good news is that the healthcare recruitment process can move along at an accelerated pace. Yet, at the same time, it can still land exactly the right fits for both leadership and front-lines positions. Here are the five recommendations Hcarejobs.com has developed for the unique demands of recruitment in the healthcare industry.

Accept that the process will take everyoneís time. Name one function in healthcare which doesnít perceive itself as overloaded. That includes everything from tasks to stress. However, that overload could actually increase exponentially if time isnít invested in the hiring process. Research and experience show that the more leadership and staff become involved the better the odds for a successful outcome in recruiting. Hiring decisions werenít meant to be solo undertakings.

Create from scratch detailed description of skills needed. There is the temptation to cut-and-paste a former job description for the new opening. This is a very bad idea. One, skills are what get the tasks done, not an abstract job description. Organizations need to shift the focus from what the job is to how it gets accomplished. That is, explain what skills are needed. And, two, much tends to change in an organization. That ranges from technology to patientsí expectations. The job description from a year ago doesnít reflect whatís new.

Be transparent about how the job plays out day-to-day. The skill set might require high-level training and years of experience in decision-making. However, the daily routine might be tedious and repetitive. If this isnít spelled out in detail, there could be a rapid degeneration of enthusiasm and motivation. Such negativity can become contagious. The whole organization is off.

Assess the personality and cultural fit. Most tasks in healthcare are collaborative. Also, each kind of setting has its unique value system. Thatís exactly why the hireís emotional intelligence and ability to align with the way things get done are as important as the skills set. Some healthcare organizations use testing to uncover what interviewing hasnít. Others simply expose the applicant to a lot of situations and people. Then they connect the dots if the candidate can fit in.

Create incentives for top candidates. The best candidates likely will have a choice of several offers. Itís smart to custom-make a package which makes them know how much the organization values them. That could include above-market compensation and perks such an extra week of vacation. Also, the human touch is key. Making a personal connection with the applicant can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection of an offer.

These five tips can balance the need to hire quickly with sound human-resources procedures and policies.

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